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02 July 2008 @ 03:52 pm
Childhood Meme.  
I've been doing these for a few weeks now for this group. I thought I'd finally share one.

Childhood Meme

1. Funky Munky, 2. Lunchable, 3. The Little Witch, 4. yeah!, 5. Aaaargh! (Vræl!), 6. you're in my heart, 7. It didn't seem right, but it had to work..., 8. Ivory Coast, 9. Face off, 10. 771, 11. Guess who Janell Version, 12. 12CM (5") BANANA SPIDERS

1. What was your nickname as a child? I didn't really have a nickname besides variations on my first name like Sam, Sammie, and Sambo. But one time my friends and I made up names for each other, and mine was Munky.
2. What was your favorite food as a child? I looooved Lunchables, especially the pizza ones.
3. What was the theme of your favorite childhood birthday? I always had Halloween birthdays since mine is in October. And I almost always dressed up as a witch. But one year a hurricane blew through a few days before my party, so almost no one came.
4. What were you punished most often for? Talking back. I had a mouth on me.
5. What special talent or skill did you have? I could beat up my little brother really well. Hey, he deserved it!
6. What was the name of your first best friend? My first true friend (and love) was Jeremy when I was five. He lived next door, and we were inseparable.
7. What was your favorite cartoon character or superhero? Ninja Turtles. My brother and I even had pillows shaped like them.
8. What did you want to be when you grew up? For the longest time I wanted to be a teacher. I would even play school with my brother and make him take tests :]
9. Who did you look up to? My dad. He was kind of strict, but he would always take time to play with us.
10. What elementary school did you attend? Smiths Station Elementary. It's named after the town which was named after a railroad stop.
11. What was your favorite game to play? Guess Who.
12. What was your biggest fear as a child? Spiders. Specifically the banana spiders that lurked under the kitchen sink when we lived out in the boonies.
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