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07 September 2008 @ 01:20 am
ADIML - Labor Day in Seattle  
Monday, September 1st, 2008
First day of September and my last day in Seattle, my new favorite place.
A day spent riding buses, getting lost, flowers, seafood, beer, an underground tour, and a giant bunny.

Eight-thirty am. So groggy & my throat hurts. I'm catching a cold. (Still have it a little bit.)

Nine-fifteen am. Dressed & out the door. I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure it took me forever to put my contacts in that day. Sorry no getting ready pictures, boyfriend was already rushing me.

Taking the elevator down.

Aah, the first cigarette of the day.

Up the elevator to Lenora Street. Meet my lovable pain-in-the-neck boyfriend.

Hello market. Since we've been here, I've absolutely fallen in love with Pike Street Market.

Boyfriend grabs a knish to keep him going. I'm not usually hungry in the morning, so I didn't get anything.

Stumble upon the Seattle Art Museum & debate on whether or not to go. We decide not to.
But see, one more reason I love Seattle: my name is on the building.

Ten-thirty am. On the 10 bus to get to 10th. Before this, we ducked inside Ross real quick so I could get a sweater.
Really cold that morning, I was feeling sick already, and I didn't come prepared.

Off the bus & wandering around. Say hello to Jimi.

Eleven am. Bunny Man! I have no idea what they were doing, but they were nice & gave us directions to the park.
Apparently we were way off.



Walking walking walking. I'm getting frustrated & tired. And I still don't feel good.

Eleven-thirty am. After walking for an hour, we finally find Volunteer Park. I demand we rest.

Walking about the park, we stumble on the conservatory, full of gorgeous flowers.

I was too blah at that point to take notice of what most of the flowers were called, but I liked them all the same.

I love cacti.

Out of the conservatory. We found a pool.

With a really cute sign.

Noon. Finally find the cemetery. Also realized that the 10 bus stopped just right down the street, so we should have just stayed on it.

Taking a rest, with a view of the Space Needle. We went there on Saturday.

Boyfriend, always on his Blackberry.

Waiting while he does whatever he's doing.

Walking back out, this makes us giggle endlessly. Cemeteries can be funny.

Twelve-forty-five. Walked out the gates of the cemetery, realized the bus was stopped down the street, and we hauled ass to catch it back downtown.

One pm. Back downtown at the market. Made a stop into a gift shop to look for a souvenir ashtray for a friend. Nadda to be had.

None here either. We were told at some point that it wasn't pc to sell ashtrays. Who knew?

Walking back through the market and back down to the waterfront.

We head up here to get some food.

Two-fifteen pm. Ended up at the Fisherman's. I got salmon & chips (yum times infinity) & boyfriend got swordfish, which I had never had before. It was pretty good. Like fishy chicken.

Walking about the waterfront after lunch. We gave them some money cos hey, at least they're honest. I'm pretty sure he was posing because he saw me taking a photo.

Wondering if the bus stops here. It didn't.

I like stickers.

Gave up the idea of the bus & started back toward the hotel. Stopped here, where they had really cool buttons, but they were $4 a piece.

Weirdest thing that happened all day: Walking out of the antiques store, this guy (the one on the far left in the black pants) stopped us & told me he was giving me a ticket. WTF? What did I do? "I'm giving you a ticket for not smiling enough. And I'm giving him [boyfriend] a ticket for not holding your hand. And you get another for not watching him, letting him watch other ladies behind your back." He was working for a homeless soup kitchen, and he was so sweet that we gave him a donation.

He gave me a sticker. How cute.

Decided to wait for the bus again. Seattle's making me crazy (in a good way).

Three-fifteen pm. Off the bus & back at the hotel.

This is our lovely view.

I think I need a nap.

This is the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in. Dude, they even put stickers on the toilet paper. I especially loved that the shampoo and stuff was from Bath & Body Works & smelled DELICIOUS.

I just got contacts a couple of weeks ago. I think the left one is scratched or something because it's been bothering me all week. The right one is perfect though.

Four-thirty pm. We ended up taking a quick nap & then heading to the bar. I took an Airbourne & boyfriend had a couple of beers. At some point the fire alarm went off & we had to leave.

Waiting outside. It turned out to be a false alarm.

Putting the beer on our room tab.

Five pm. Walking down 1st to get to Underground Seattle. I'm don't remember, but I'm pretty sure this was outside the art museum.

Get to Underground & wait at the bar until the tour starts at six. Boyfriend on the Blackberry again.

Six pm. Waiting in this old bar room & listening to the pre-tour speech.

Now we're underneath downtown Seattle. See, I'm meant to be here.

Pretty interesting stuff down there. There's a bunch of skylights to the streets. When we got out of the tour, we couldn't help but point them out to each other on the streets.

The last original mural left in the underground.

Up for some air. We would walk to a block, go underground, walk around a bit, then come back up & go to another stretch of underground. The guy in the black jacket was our tour guide. Kinda cheesy, but still funny.

Pipes & stuff.

Seven-thirty pm. Out of the tour & standing in wonderment at these crazy signs. The backsides of them were in English. I have no idea what this side said or even if it was a real language.

Waiting for the bus back to the hotel. We walked all the way here, but we're too tired to walk back.

Off the bus & walking to the elevator to get back down to the waterfront.

I really liked this building. The blue part of the top kept changing colors, to green, pink, red, purple, and blue.

Eight pm. Decided to nosh at the hotel restaurant.

I got the Mediterranean Mezze: hummus, pita, and some weird chili cheese tasting sauce. I had hummus twice at two different places in Seattle, and they both tasted like boiled peanuts. Still good though.

For desert, I got the Smokin' Black Forest. It was ok.

Nine pm. Back in the room. We decided to go relax in the hot tub for a while.

Out with the eyes.

Eleven pm. Back in the room, watching a little Frisky before bed. I love me some Killface.

Still eleven-ish. Goodnight.
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Alicia: e&b cuddle // latasticxsteadyxboysx on September 7th, 2008 09:12 am (UTC)
I wanna go to Seattle so bad...I'm uber jealous.

Love the picture after "McAssey". ...I adore bus pictures...