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Love all. Trust a few. Do wrong to none.

if only everyone lived by that mantra.

An outcast among outcasts.
Unassuming 20-year-old Libra who finds it difficult to write about herself. Mature, but can't seem to grow up. Want to be a chef, photographer, graphic designer, model, artist, travel writer, interior decorator, and the wise man in Amsterdam. An amalgamation of everything I see and hear. Hopelessly devoted to the most magical, hirsute, nihilistic, and reciprocally devoted man to ever walk. He's simply the bee's knees, and everyday I fall in love with him all over again.
Currently all graphics are posted at ranoutofcreativ
Firm believer in
being under a constant state of construction. late-night booty. soaking everything. going potty in the dark. spicing everything. wearing your favorite shirt three days in a row. procrastinating. brushing teeth naked. sleeping naked. having 19 magazine subscriptions. mocking chris isaak.
Must have
marlboro reds in a box. diet coke. boyfriend. cats. vanilla tea. cute panties. ponytail holders. camera. fresh batteries. desktop. emerald earring. black hair dye. lighter. incense. buddhas. clocks. calendar. pens. notebook. bayer. nail file. salami. fresh bread. alternative news sources. cleavage.
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